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Pimentel Academic Services provides the best SAT prep around! Our daughter, Hannah, had already taken the SAT three times. She received exactly the same score on her second and third tests. Needing to raise her score just a few points to reach the level to be considered for a merit scholarship out of state, tutoring through Pimentel Academic Services was going to be Hannah’s final hope and attempt to raise her score. Bob and Jack did not disappoint! The strategies that Hannah gained increased her SAT score from a 1300 to a 1420! Our family is absolutely thrilled and we are grateful to Pimentel Academic Services for making this happen!!
— Laura and Cliff Johnston
I’ve used Pimentel Academic Services for PSAT and SAT test prep and Bob is one of the best teacher I’ve ever had. In our first meeting, he took the time to get to know me, my interests and strengths. He also explained the college entrance and testing process so that my parents and I understood some of the finer details and what to expect. He made the study group interesting, helped us understand how to interpret the test questions and provided us strategies in taking the test. When I took the tests, I had seen enough questions to feel completely comfortable and prepared. I’m incredibly happy with my test results and know it will provide me with many college opportunities. Bob is a great teacher and I’d recommend him and his team to other students.
— Jack Gray, 2018
We could not be more pleased with our experiences with Bob Pimentel and his excellent staff. Both of our children took AP and ACT/SAT preparation classes at Pimentel Academic Services. Utilizing the Pimentel method, they were able to increase their test scores significantly in all areas, and conquer their fears of taking standardized tests by learning to critically read and analyze test questions. As a result, they were admitted and obtained scholarships to many fine universities and colleges. We attribute much of their success to the insight and training they received from Bob Pimentel and others at Pimentel Academic Services. They have applied the skills and methodology taught by Pimentel Academic Services to every facet of their academic careers, and we believe that these skills will be used daily for the rest of their lives.
— John and Andrea Ryan
We have been attending Pimentel Academic Services for over two years now and have had a stellar experience. We have triplets that have just wrapped up their SAT and ACT testing. As many people know, college preparation can be stressful for a family and our situation is multiplied by three. Bob Pimentel and his staff are knowledgeable, supportive and helped us navigate through the testing process. During this time Bob worked with each of our children to identify their strengths and weaknesses with regards to the SAT and ACT and we watched our children improve their test scores and confidence. We also appreciated Bob’s insight into the college application process and his commitment to the students. Pimentel Academic Services have made a positive difference for our college process.
— Skip and Kim Rimsza
Mr. Pimentel and Pimentel Academic Services not only helped our son get into the University of Southern California, but also raised our son’s spirits and his self-esteem by surrounding him with unconditional love which changed his whole outlook.

Without Pimentel Academic Services, our son’s SAT and ACT scores would have been horrendous, but after working with them, he received a perfect score on his critical reading and raised all other scores.

We had tried many different types of tutoring because our son has ADD. Most of the other tutoring companies did not realize his intelligence, but it was the first thing Bob and Matthew observed and confirmed with me. Bob was able to identify our son’s intelligence within 3 minutes of getting to know each other.

We are so very, very grateful to Pimentel Academic Services for making it possible for our son to not only succeed beyond his own expectations, but also feel and find his self-value.

There is no other tutoring service that compares. We had been to over 20 companies before finding the Pimentel Family and their services.

Yep, Our Son Goes To USC... Whoohoo! Thanks, Bob and Matthew!!!!
— Maria and Demitri Ruttle
Pimentel Academic Services have been a blessing for our children in many ways. We have known Bob when he used to be with Merck even before he started the Pimentel Services. We have been have been most impressed with his professional enthusiasm, as well as the emphasis he places on maintaining high educational standards based on exceptional morale and ethical principles. When he told us this was his dream to start a new educational program for high school children, we knew he would be highly successful in his endeavor mainly because of his true passion to teach, educate and make the students the best they can be. Both our children went to Bob to get tutoring not just for SAT, but to get additional exposure as a life coach in many ways. Bob is principled, complimentary, value driven with a positive attitude that helped our children gain tremendous confidence. He has exceptional talent, and his team brings additional teaching skills to enhance the student’s knowledge base. Bob is indeed compassionate, competent and scholarly with an extraordinary sense of temperance and equanimity. This has been very important for our children’s growth overall. We endorse and recommend Pimentel Academic Services with a great deal of confidence and enthusiasm.
— Jayanthi and Kris Vijay
Words cannot express the gratitude that my son, Ryan, and our family have for Bob Pimentel and his tutoring staff at Pimentel Academic Services. Ryan had applied to Notre Dame Preparatory and needed some assistance in preparing for the HSPT. He had been attending another prep school since fifth grade. Our first impression when we met Bob was that he had compassion and commitment that he institutes for all his students. Ryan immediately bonded with Bob and others at Pimentel. Ryan has a love for learning, and we found that Pimentel Academic Services was an educational service that provided an extreme level of learning. He looked forward to his tutoring sessions where he learned the proper techniques to preparing for these tests. At times, our son does get test anxiety, and when he took his HSPT test at Notre Dame, there were some areas in which he did not test well. When we spoke with Bob, he believed, as we did, that Ryan has the potential and commitment it takes to attend Notre Dame. No one has ever believed in my son as much as Bob did. Bob spoke with Notre Dame recommending him, and we had Ryan re-tested at Pimentel. His scores were extremely higher. One explanation could have been mis-bubbling of the answers. When we received the phone call from Notre Dame that Ryan was accepted, we knew that because of Ryan’s hard work, test preparation, and the compassion and commitment that Bob Pimentel had for Ryan was astounding. Ryan continues to attend Pimentel Academic Services where he is continuing to achieve his goals. We are extremely grateful for Bob Pimentel, and he has become a part of our family. We highly recommend Pimentel Academic Services for their dedication, professionalism, and commitment to education.
— Donna and Ryan Juliano
In his junior high and early high school years at Brophy, our son Brendan never seemed to do well on tests — be they standardized or those taken at school. He worked hard, did his homework, and participated in class, but his test and quiz scores did not reflect that hard work. Since tests, for better or worse, are how a kid’s academic progress is objectively measured, we as Brendan’s parents were concerned. During his freshman year, we — and Brendan — decided to do something about it and started working with Pimentel Academic Services.

Four years later, Brendan has been accepted early decision to Amherst College in Massachusetts. It helped that he was a recruited athlete; it also helped that he worked throughout his high school years with Bob Pimentel and his excellent staff.

From planning how to approach a subject at the beginning of the school year, to helping with homework and other issues as the need arose, to several intense sessions the week of final exams, Brendan spent many hours at Pimentel Academic Services. He also took a summer course with Bob on the college entrance exams. Bob also took the time to discuss Brendan’s progress with us whenever we asked, and he also took the extra step of writing letters on Brendan’s behalf.

Bob and his staff were very knowledgeable and Brendan was comfortable from the start. Brendan told us that they ‘took complicated things and made them seem easy,’ they ‘talked in a way that made you understand,’ and, perhaps most important, they were ‘easy to connect with.’ We as Brendan’s parents saw his confidence grow and his test scores improve.

We heartily recommend Pimentel Academic Services. Not only are they very good at what they do, but they always were friendly and accommodating. Even when we asked at the ‘last minute’ during their busy final exam week, they always found a way to give Brendan the help that he needed. And that help sure paid off.
— Jay and Janet Coleman
Our family has truly been blessed to find Pimentel Academic Services three years ago. We stumbled upon Bob Pimentel when we were seeking college test prep assistance for our oldest son. Nick bonded with Bob and found him very helpful in learning the proper techniques to better navigate and understand taking these tests. His scores positively reflected his hard work with Bob’s guidance.

We have also taken advantage of Pimentel’s tutoring services when Nick missed school due to an injury. They remained open during the Christmas break which allowed Nick to make up his missed work and start his second semester on schedule.
Nick’s positive experience led us to enroll our three other children at Pimentel Academic Services. They are taking advantage of the tutoring, ACT/SAT test prep, as well as HSPT test prep classes offered there. They all find Bob’s knowledge invaluable. Despite the distance, our children all gladly attend their sessions.

Bob and his entire staff at Pimentel Academic Services have always been professional, caring, and most importantly effective in assisting our children with their various needs. We whole heartedly recommend them without hesitation.
— Laura and Bill Kraus
Pimentel Academic Services has been a tremendous resource for our family. Bob and Megan have built strong relationships with both our son and our daughter which have helped build their confidence in approaching their academic challenges. They were instrumental in assisting our son with time management, his AP English classes and preparing for the SAT. We saw measurable and real-time results. Thanks to their encouragement, he is now a freshman student-athlete at Regis University and he still looks to Pimentel for assistance. We have seen huge growth in our 8th grade daughter. Megan has been diligent about helping her with all aspects of her studying. From time management to test-taking strategies, Megan offers her support for all of her classes and holds her accountable for her grades. We are extremely grateful for how much Pimentel Academic Services cares about our kids!
— Dino and Tracey Gotsis
Bob Pimentel coached my eighth grade son into getting a phenomenal score on the SSAT which helped him gain admission to The Lawrenceville School, one of the top boarding schools in the country. My son looked forward to his tutoring sessions with Bob and prepared for them with an enthusiasm that I had not seen before. Bob sparked an academic fire in my son and we are grateful to him. I have known Bob for many years. He is passionate about education and is creative in his approach to getting teenagers excited about learning. He is a person of high integrity, and we plan on having our son study with him for the SAT exam. I recommend Pimentel Academic Services without reservation.
— Anouk Stein
The staff at Pimentel Academic have been a great support to our family. Our son was attending Brophy as an international student and did not have the support of living with his family. Pimentel took an active interest in him, far beyond just the provision of services, like the time they provided Aiden a textbook at 10 p.m. or sent him home with pizza after a late night . They took the opportunity to get to know him and find the staff members that best fit his needs while working hard to accommodate his sports schedule. We have used Pimentel for support in honors and advanced placement math, chemistry, and ACT prep, but they are excellent in all subjects as we found out during final exams. They were most helpful in just channeling all that hard work into great results! We cannot say enough about how well Pimentel has treated our family and we will take every opportunity to recommend them.
— Brenda Howard
We have three boys who have either attended or are currently attending Brophy College Preparatory. All three boys have taken classes and been tutored by Bob for standardized testing and the Brophy admissions exam. All three boys have proven to improve their scores, sometimes dramatically, under the guidance of Pimentel Academic Services. Not only does Bob take the time to help students prepare for the exam with proven test taking strategies, he takes the time to provide real life advice on how to best maximize your efforts and time. His instinct in this regard has been invaluable. I have and will continue to recommend Pimentel Academic Services to others.
— Suzanne Park
Pimentel Academic Services has been an integral part of our boys’ academic journey. Both have benefited greatly from Bob’s approach to the “whole student.” His well-trained staff has gone above and beyond in accommodating their various needs. Whether it’s an individual subject or standardized test preparation, PAS has proven to be a great choice for our family.
— Colleen Esslinger
Our son Conor decided he wanted to apply to Exeter in the eighth grade. We applied late, and Conor took the SSAT with very little preparation due to our inability to find a tutor that had more than superficial knowledge of the test. Conor was wait-listed for Exeter but ultimately never moved up to admission. The following year we decided to make a determined effort in our bid for admission to five elite prep schools.
The first step was test preparation, and luckily we were referred to Bob Pimentel. He went through a thorough assessment of Conor’s readiness for the test. Conor was always upbeat about his sessions with Bob, and there was never a complaint about his approach or the workload. This was because of the manner in which the material was presented. Conor would always comment that, “Bob taught me this strategy or concept today. No one ever taught me this before.” The academic aspect of testing was not presented in isolation. Mr Pimentel also went over the all-important mental preparation. He went over the testing mindset, how to study, and more importantly how to relax and clear your head, so you can be more effective and rested for testing day.

Conor took the SSAT last December. He had applications in at Exeter, Choate, Taft, Hotchkiss, and Lawrenceville. We waited anxiously for March 10 when admissions decisions were sent out. I promised Conor that this was his deal, and he would see the results first. He called me at work for the first acceptance at Exeter. Then throughout the day one by one the results came in. The final tally was accepted at Exeter, Choate, Taft, Hotchkiss and Lawrenceville.

Conor’s first call was to Bob Pimentel to thank him. My wife and I owe a debt of gratitude for the time and effort he put into Conor’s total test preparation.
— Christopher J. Hunt, M.D. & Antonia Alduino, D.O.
As you know, the greatest investment we make is in our children and their education. Pimentel Academic Services is among the finest places to make that investment in our children’s future. We were referred to Bob Pimentel through the head of counseling at Notre Dame Prep, Kristen Sullivan. Ms. Sullivan gave them her highest recommendation. This was well founded and our son, Jacob benefited greatly from his instruction here.
They offer numerous services and all exceeded all our expectations. Jacob benefited from tutoring to improve his study and organization skills. Jacob participated in one on one tutoring for the SAT. This prepared him well to succeed on this test and his score gained him admission to the out of State college of his choice. Jacob also participated in writing tutoring with Pimentel Academic Services and `wrote his college essays under their guidance.
Importantly, Jacob highly respects Mr. Pimentel and benefited from his mentoring and coaching. He has a unique way of connecting with his students and always goes the extra mile to help them.
We give our highest endorsement to Pimentel Academics, Bob and his entire staff. Please feel free to contact us if we can provide any information. We would encourage anyone to use the services offered here.
— Tony & Mary Kay Turner