New Book!

Hello Parents and Students,

We are very excited to announce that Bob and Matthew have written a book helping students and parents to navigate the standardized preparation testing experience. The book, Beyond Standard: Navigating the Standardized Testing Experience, is available at Below is a description of the book.

The standardized testing experience has perplexed parents and students for years. For many, the process has been daunting; for others, it has been a piece of cake. Yet, a vast number of test scores are average. This means that very few students are eating dessert! Why is this so? How does this happen? Why so many average scores? Why has my child struggled in grade school with standardized testing? Why, again, in high school? This book sheds light on the perennial questions that accompany standardized testing. The perspective this book provides offers hope for parents, current standardized test-takers and those yet to come. Understanding key elements of the standardized testing process, parents and students can take control.

To purchase the book, head over to or click on the image below.

Thank you!